"TUBMASTER Protect" is our product that ensures that your Hot Tub Lid and Body are protected from the elements, a bit like car paintwork treatment but for your Hot Tub! 

The application lasts for around 6-8 months and keeps your Hot Tub looking great and on regular application it provides great UV Protection and Hydrophobic Properties

We give the Lid and Body a detail clean first and then apply our product.

The process usually takes around 1 hour and can be added to your service clean or plan when booking (or booked separately if you wish).

You can usually use your Hot Tub after 1hr of the application

TubMaster Protect Protection for your Hot Tub!

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We are a professional Hot Tub Cleaning Service based in Newport, South Wales

Our customers use us for Deep Cleaning of Hot Tubs, Periodic Cleaning and Emergency Cleaning of Domestic and Commercial Hot Tubs off all makes and models, Including Jacuzzi, Gekko, Bestway, Hot Spring, Sundance and Caldera spas to name a few. 

We have been operating for over 5 years with a customer base throughout South Wales and towards the Bristol area.