We know that owning a Hot Tub means you enjoy the finer things in life – so the last thing you want is a dirty Hot Tub!.

Busy schedules, work obligations, and full lifestyles can mean that your Hot Tub is your favorite place to relax and unwind.

We recommend a regular maintenance plan (yes, we also carry out monthly and fortnightly (high usage Hot Tubs) check and balance visits), you can also request our cleaning service to scrub up your Hot Tub for a special event or that one off clean giving you peace of mind.

Our professional cleaning service does more than just drain and re-fill your Hot Tub: we thoroughly and sanitise your Hot Tub , making it safe to relax in.

+ Please note that this is a Hot Tub cleaning service, is unlike a maintenance service, will not repair any faults in your system. However, it can prevent future faults.

Call us on 07920 881881

We are a professional Hot Tub Cleaning Service based in Newport, South Wales

Our customers use us for Deep Cleaning of Hot Tubs, Periodic Cleaning and Emergency Cleaning of Domestic and Commercial Hot Tubs off all makes and models, Including Jacuzzi, Gekko, Bestway, Hot Spring, Sundance and Caldera spas to name a few. 

We have been operating for over 5 years with a customer base throughout South Wales and towards the Bristol area.